TV’s Hidden Gem

I do not have very many sleeps. I do have very many TVs. Now, ignore the grammatical disgrace of the preceding statements and be excited about what I found on one of my TVs at around four[ish] ante meridiem.

You non-readers can scroll to the bottom region of this post for the sounds and moving illustrations.

There is this show that is the greatest happening to do TV in a very long time called Off the Air. You know it’s hella tasty because it only comes in 11-minute bites at 4:00 in the morning. Let me just go on about it for a minute. Literally, out of who knows nowhere, Off The Air rears its ugly head from under Adult Swim’s, “DVR Theater“. Even the date of the day of its birthing is enchanted. On January 1, 2011, this guy, Dave Hughes (not the Australian), struts into the TV scene packing this way fantastic show on his back. Without the discordance of human talky narration, Off the Air proceeds to spit splices of trippy imagery, animations, internet videos, stock footage, etc. at you for about 11 minutes straight until you want to get yourself drug tested. See what I mean below:

These are my three favorite themes. Watch them with your eyes.

Now get back up there and read that description.


Most Bitchin’ Cartoon Classics

You can’t even begin to imagine what I’d give to spend a carefree Saturday morning huddled up inside my blanket fort staring intently at the television screen. Alas, I’m seventeen, and Uncle Sam will secure a home under a highway for me if I dare live like I’m seven. Woe is me, for now I’m confined to a realm of nostalgia and reminiscence. I invite you to join.

Space Ghost TitleDear Space Ghost, I could have single-handedly been a much more useful sidekick than Jan, Jace, and Blip put together. You wouldn’t ever have to risk your precious superhero life to save me from space sharks, robots, or super computers. Just think, we could have done sequels together, but look where you ended up without me — cancelled.

Jonny Quest Title

I feel like judo was a required skill set for minors on Jonny Quest, which settles me somewhere between unqualified and completely useless. Sadly, I’m forced to admire the Quest team and all their talents from a distance while I try to work out the intricacies of a coffee maker. Oh well, at least they dismissed the working title, The Saga of Chip Baloo.

Scooby Doo Where Are You Title

Ah, Scooby Doo; a Great Dane, his human, a wall flower, a babe, and a man with an ascot. The angst is blinding. I never agreed much with the gang’s “splitting up,” but they always found the most efficient method of meddling. They weren’t always the brightest bunch, but they’ve earned an A+ in my book and a soft spot in my heart.