Awesome Pizza From Awesome People For Awesome Patrons

DSC00557Mellow Mushroom. When you say it out loud, you can taste the flavor of greatness roll around your tongue. If you ingest one of their pizzas (I suggest orally), you will feel the death punch of greatness clench your viscera and throw you 120 yards into another dimension. Not even joking.

[Note that I’m speaking on my Mellow Mushroom, Spring-Klein. I’m on the winning team.]

Walking into the Shroom Kingdom is walking out on your everyday existence. You have boarded the YellowDSC00556 Submarine, wandered into the horticultural department, and sat down for pizza. Leave your worldly concerns at the door. Surrounded by art, color, nice smiles, and nicer smells; wherever you choose to rest your cheeks is the cool kids table. The Spring-Klein Mellow Mushroom flaunts the artwork of Houston locals, KatsolaScrapdaddy, and Weah. When I say “flaunts”I don’t mean they let them get cute with a chalkboard to hang over the bar. There are actual art exhibits painted all across the walls and scattered all around the eating arena; Katsola’s “giant scale ‘baseball cards'”, Weah’s colorful, twisty graffiti, and Scrapdaddy’s many contraptions — the most noteable being his Goodyear blimp-inspired Blimp-shark. Even the entrance to the “Flushrooms” (They’re comedians.) is guarded by one of Scrapdaddy’s scrap-men.

Scrapdaddy's doodad

Scrapdaddy’s doodad

Even though it boasts outlandish, psychotropic artwork, Mellow Mushroom rejects the hallucinogen-suggestive theme in favor of a family-oriented eatery that’s more reminiscent of a pre-school classroom than Todd Skinner’s underground LSD Palace. Manager, Christine Carnes, assured me that even with thirty-something beers on tap, those who can’t control their drinking get no more. The music is diversified as well as the staff, stretching a hand out to every age and subculture from young’un to grandma, hippie to housewife. The menu is also thoughtfully composed of vegan and gluten-free options, ensuring that even your fellow herbivores get in on the fun. On this vessel, no pizza-lover is left behind.


One of Katsola’s Seven Wonders

I got the wondrous opportunity to meet the pilots, crew members, and owner of this craft; the Mellow title fits them down to a tie-dye tee. Whatever I asked, these guys were on board. They joked around with me while I ran around snapping photos, talked me down about all the fun of management, and even put up with my indecision on how to dress up my custom pizza. At my request, they were more than willing to throw down some discount cards for my school and somehow, I walked out of there with my pizza in one hand and a job application in the other, but not before the manager, Christine Carnes (front, left), arranged some very hefty handshakes for me from each manager and dragged the owner, Todd Molyneux (back, far left), outside for a picture affront Mellow Man.


*The views and opinions expressed in this blog are mine and do not reflect the views and opinions of Mellow Mushroom or its employees … but they’re probably pretty close.


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