Soundtrack To Sleeplessness

I ran into Wavves a while back on Tumblr. I’m dropping Wavves off on WordPress. There’s pizza rolls in the freezer and emergency contacts on the fridge. I’ll just leave you kids to get better acquainted.60880_568836846466451_54939783_n

Baseball Cards

[audio|artists=Wavves|titles=Baseball Cards ]

Mickey Mouse

[audio|artists=Wavves|titles=Mickey Mouse ]

Post Acid

[audio|artists=Wavves|titles=Post Acid ]

So Bored378769_640417042641764_99319371_n

[audio|artists=Wavves|titles=So Bored ]

When Will You Come

[audio|artists=Wavves|titles=When Will You Come ]

All photos courtesy of the Wavves Facebook even if they don’t know it.


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