Mating Music For Your Auditory Pleasure

Everything’s more intense with a soundtrack.

Menorah/Majorah EP

Menorah/Majorah EP

Say Anything – By Tonight

  • By Tonight came from humble beginnings as an unreleased track featured on Max Bemis’s, Dormroom Demos. The intentions described here (“By tonight, we’ll shed this clothing …”) are so frank they deserve an award. Max also deserves a pat on the back for singly playing everything on this album, resulting in a rough, but admirable quality to the track.
Do You Mind (Single)

Do You Mind (Single)

The XX – Do You Mind

  • To my sole misfortune, Do You Mind didn’t catch the bus for The XX’s debut release. Even though this baby’s more lyrically forward than the last, I cherish this track for its building percussion that slowly heats up and meshes completely by the end of the song. Romy Madley Croft’s delicate little voice offering to take it slow and make me lose control is just an added bonus. Do I mind? No, Romy, not at all.
I Do Not Care For the Winter Sun

I Do Not Care For the Winter Sun (Single)

Beach House – I Do Not Care For the Winter Sun

  • I Do Not Care For the Winter Sun plays the role of the gentle recovery track in all of this. It’s a time for reflection and admiration, so if you’re at a loss for words, pull your lover closer and start singing. This track revives the significance of  a significant other and, in the words of Victoria Legrand, “It’s all that matters”.

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