70s Forgotten Wonders

Cylindrical Colonies - NASA ID NUMBER AC75-1086

Cylindrical Colonies – NASA ID NUMBER

If you look closely, you’ll notice this image presents itself on various crumbs of The Ergot’s social networks. I would like to take this moment to pass it from the scope of my admiration to yours because I feel like we should be close, no — closer than close — on this blog.

This particular image is my absolute favorite of NASA’s 1970s Space Colony Artwork series (and here you were thinking they were all just scientists in space suits). No, at one point in time, they were much more than that. That particular point in time just so happened to be the 70s, a period in which I’d imagine everyone was a little more eccentric than a first glance granted. The space colonies were actually conceived from the mind of Princeton professor, Gerard O’Neill, who sincerely believed we could build rural colonies that orbited the Earth, trailing the moon, and industrialize from harvesting the minerals from asteroids.

Even though I feel most obligated to endorse my favorite, I strongly encourage you to venture the less traversed path of the internet and explore the rest of the colonies here, inside and out. You have my word, you will not be disappointed.


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