Birth of a Spore

I am a Brianna Jackson. This is my face, which sometimes looks better:

Brianna Jackson - Grass Type

Brianna Jackson – Grass Type

You have arrived at the doorstep of my own “Little House on the Prairie”. It is less like a house and more like a severely battered teepee; less like a prairie and more like the boundless digital expanse that is the Internet.

Aside from the latter exaggeration, I feel that this relationship we just built here should be one of trust and understanding. So, I’ll tell you plainly, this blog has no direction. If you have traveled here in search of focus, organization, or cute makeup/nail-art tutorials, I’m afraid this is not your destination.

Instead, my dwelling is a place for what I like to call internet flotsam — interesting little things and simple unexploited wonders. This blog is here to glorify all things unnoticed and under-appreciated; or, if you will, all things deemed unfit for human consumption.


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